Bone Trephine


Bone Trephine for bone grafting, including taking circular bone graft biopsies for paediatric cleft surgery.

  • Less Invasive
  • First Time Sharpness
  • Less Patient Trauma
  • 9mm Outer Diameter & 8mm Inner Diameter

“I am delighted to be using the trephine with T bar handle for alveolar bone grafting now improved and produced by DTR Medical. It allows a relatively minimal access to harvesting bone from the iliac crest yet with a high bone yield and minimises the external scar. My patients are up and walking the same day after surgery.” Alistair RM Cobb, Consultant Surgeon, Southwest UK Cleft service, 2015


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Includes Scalpel
Includes Scalpel

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BTB100210Sterile Single-use Bone Trephine Burr Procedure Pack. inc Bone Trephine Burr & No.11 Disposable Scalpel
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